Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Welcome To Your Free Source

One Word Everyone Loves To Hear Is The Word Free So I Put Together The Most Legit Sites           There  Are On The Internet To Day!!!!!

The First Thing That Comes To Mind Is Why Would People Give Free Stuff Away Im Mean These Prizes Range From 50 Cents To Almost 3,000$ But Of Course There A Ketch There Always Effort Needed To Put In To WHat You Want But Its Not That Hard!!! So Below I Will Give The Info And SomeWhat Proof For You Skeptical People Out There But Hey Aren't We All?!?

OK, so how do these sites give stuff away for free? Well that simple. You see to get Free Stuff you do actually pay a little bit. How much is really dependent on you though. When you sign up you must complete an offer. An offer is a service or trial of some sort like Block Buster or Netflix. So you sign up for Block Buster through the free site for 1 month. Block buster in turn tells the free site that you signed up and completed your offer. Block Buster pays the free site for sending them a new potential customer. Now the free site will give you a green check, or mark in your account stating that you have completed you offer. (This is called Going Green)

Now you have to get a certain number of people to use your referral link and do everything you just did. Sign up and complete an offer. Now the number of people you need to sign up varies by the Item you are trying to get. The more expensive the item the more people you will need to get to sign up. A word of CAUTION!! When some one signs up they need to all be done from a different PC, Different Credit Card, & Different Address. The one thing these sites are very strict about is people cheating. SO YOU ARE WARNED.

Now let's say I am trying to get a free IPod Nano. You need 5 referrals. So I get my offer done, and get 5 other people to sign up and complete there offers. You will then submit you account for approval. This can take anywhere from 3 to 10 business days. What this is, is some one at the company is going through all your offers and referrals and making sure no one cheated. Once you are given the OK you will get an e-mail and be allowed to place your order. This is when you decide if you want the item still or would like to take cash instead. Cash is a nice option and each referral is worth about $50 not including the offer you did. If you choose to take the cash it is pay paled pretty quickly. If you choose the Item it is shipped standard ground and take anywhere form a week to two weeks to get.

Now what happens if someone does an offer for you, or you do one for yourself and you don't get credit?? Well one very nice thing about Transcendent Innovations is they have a manual credit system. If you don't go green after seven days you can apply for manual credit. So how to apply for manual credit? When you sign up for an offer you will always get a confirmation e-mail form the vendor. SAVE THIS... In seven days when you still are not green you will log in to the site and click your account tab. In there you will see a Click History Link. Go to this section and find the offer you did. You can click the radial button and the select Apply for Manual Credit. All you do is fill in the info and paste that confirmation e-mail I told you save into the correct fields. In 10 business days you will be given credit. I have had to do this and have seen this done more than two dozen times. I have never once seen anyone turned down for manual credit. So at the end of 10 business days you will get your green check.

Now what if you don't have or know 5 or 10 people?? Well when you first sign up you have the option to do the points system or the Referral system. Now if you don't know 10 people to sign up that doesn't mean you have to do the points system, there are other ways to get referrals I'll explain bellow. The Points system is basically just like the referral system except each Offer you do is worth a set amount of points and you will end up doing 5 to 10 offers yourself. I really prefer to stay away from points myself.

Now As I said before Even if you don't know 10 people to sign up for referrals there is other way. TRADE!! At www.anythign4free.com . Here is a community of people trading referrals for Referrals or referrals for cash. This system is pretty straight forward. You have what is called a TR rating that stands for Trade Rating. Every time you do a transaction with another member you leave each other TR. The Higher a persons TR the more reliable they are. So let's say I wanted an IPod Nano and need 5 referrals. I would log on to www.anything4free.com go to ether the Referral for Referral group or the Referral for Cash group and submit a post saying I am looking to Trade referrals for someone to do my Trainn IPOD NANO sight. Make sure you specify which sight you are doing, since you only can sign up for each site once. If you Post in the Referral for Cash group you would post the site you are doing and the amount you are willing to pay once they go green. In the trade world the lower TR rating goes first. That is a way for Veteran traders not to get ripped off by some fly by night trader.

Well that is the rundown of how to do Free Stuff sites. If you have any comments or questions please sign my guest book, and leave some feedback.

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